TGETVE #1 Multi-Vidder Video

Gather round for the 1st Inaugural The Great ETV Experiment!
The song was cut, the clips were handed out and six fabulous vidders created an experimental video that will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

The fabulous ETV’ers took part in this multi-fandom project and simultaneously vidded to a set theme and song. The theme was “happy” and the fandoms are varied but it all flows together so nicely. Watch the fun, feel-good video that resulted.

The six vidders are:
    • SLauveng (Sons of Anarchy)
    • Ash48 (Leverage)
    • Starrylizard (Sherlock)
    • Ash48 (Misfits)
    • Hay1ock (Lost Girl)
    • PsychoCynic (Supernatural)
    • coastal5 (Offspring)

A huge round of applause also goes to Starrylizard, our ETV Experiment Leader for all her effort in coordinating such a wonderful collaboration. She’s a great vidder and a community asset.

Learn more about the video on the website or on the forum. Want to participate in our next experiment? Join the forum and let us know.

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