The Great ETV Experiment

The Great ETV Experiment is here!! Starrylizard takes the reins and becomes the ETV Experiment Leader for an all new round-robin style video. Join in the fun, you don’t want to miss out on this.

What is TGETVE?
TGETVE stands for ‘The Great ETV Experiment’, a rebirth of the former ’The Great Round Robin Vidding Experiment’ that the Supernatural Video Station forums (SVS) once hosted. It is a fun, experimental group vidding process whereby participants each vid an individual segment of a collaborative video.

How do vidders get involved in TGETVE?
When a new experiment is announced, a post will be made in the TGETVE forum inviting members to “sign up”. There are no exclusions on who may participate; vidders of varying levels of ability are all welcome.
TGETVE is only as active as the members would like it to be, so it really is a case of “the more the merrier”.

How does it work?
All members can suggest songs, themes and fandoms (in the respective threads) that they’d like to see used. Once the collaborative group has been formed, polls based on these lists will be held (usually for a weeks duration) and the choices voted upon by the group participants.

The winning music is then divided up and a piece allotted to each participant. Adhering to the agreed upon theme and single/multi fandom choice(s), the participants then vid their own part independent of each other, not knowing what will come before or after their segment in the final project. When all the individual parts are completed, it is then pieced back together and kept secret until the unveiling of the finished video.

To help make things simpler (and aesthetically pleasing) members are required to vid the same formats (e.g. aspect ratio, file format (wmv), rendering quality, etc.). Assistance can be provided here. A few basic rules may also be applied to make sure everyone will be comfortable with the final product (e.g. no Wincest).

A provisional deadline will be set for the participants to have their parts finished by (generally 3 weeks), however this can be amended slightly to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and/or coinciding holiday periods.
If, for one reason or another, you feel that you won’t be able to see the project through, please inform starrylizard as soon as possible so a replacement vidder can be found. Everyone is understandably excited and curious to see the finished video, thus we don’t wish to cause extensive delays in the process.

We’re excited to be reviving “TGRRVE” here at ETV, and to once again have starrylizard at its helm. It’s always been such a fun experiment to see how the individual segments come together in one final creation. There have been amazing coincidences and similarities in the past TGRRVE videos, which is such an intriguing aspect given everyone vids in ‘secret’.

We hope everyone will enjoy the reintroduction of TGETVE and we look forward to the videos that will be made.

For more information or to watch past collaboration experiments, visit the TGETVE forum or search our website by clicking the “tgetve” tag below.

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