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ETV is a fan video and fandom discussion community. We love to share and discuss music videos celebrating our favorite fandoms. Our goal is to provide a community that encourages, nurtures and teaches the budding vidder in you! Here, you can submit your fan video and receive in-depth feedback and critique, join in fandom discussions, share fan art and fan fiction or just watch some of the best fan videos on the web.

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The Great ETV Experiment #3

Don’t turn out the lights, because the vidders are slicing and dicing up “FEAR” in this themed video. Eight ETV’ers took part in this multi-fandom project and simultaneously vidded to a set theme and song. This go-round the theme was “fear” and the resulting video is the best GETVE yet! It offers up thrills and chills and scary-good musicality.

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Happening On The Site

Special Challenge!
Spice up our YouTube channel! Our E.T.V. promo video is officially over three years old and we’re ready for a fresh intro to our world. Can you make a kick-ass introduction video for E.T.V.? Make a vid and if yours wins, then you’ll be the featured promo video on our channel. Full Details.

Vid Deconstruction Project
Dismantle your video and analyse your creative process from the very beginning, step by step.This project is about discovering how and why we make the choices we do throughout our own vidding process. Join In.

The Great ETV Experiement
A fun, experimental group vidding process whereby participants each vid an individual segment of a collaborative video. No current experiment happening but you can check out past experiments! Join In.

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  3. TGETVE #3 Multi-Vidder Video

    It’s here, ladies and gentleman. The Great ETV Experiement #3. Don’t turn out the lights, because the vidders are slicing and dicing up “FEAR” in this themed video. Eight ETV’ers...
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